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Sandra Bullock Nude

Sandra Bullock Nude

Ever since I first saw her in the early '90s in Demolition Man with Sly Stallone (another celeb not afraid to get nude) I've been in lust. I've followed her career waiting for a sextape or nude shot and finally it's arrived. Sandra Bullock nude.... just WOW!


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Alyssa Milano

Seems our sexy honey is back and going topless on the new maxim spread. Meanwhile she is definitely turning up the heat in her new tv show Mistresses.

Too bad she doesn’t get naked fully in the show although we do get some great nearly naked and lingerie shots.

If you want to see her actually naked, you’ll have to go back a few years

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In recent years, Alyssa Milano has toned down her sexy image and been in the media less. She hasn’t been working much because she has taken time off to care for her son, Milo. That’s obviously enough to keep her busy. But true fans of Alyssa Milano will be patient and wait until her next big project. There is lots to keep them busy with though. She’s done loads of work in the past years and re-watching televisions shows like Charmed or Romantically Challenged is fun – because they are filled with Alyssa Milano of course.

But the real fun is in re-watching all those hot Alyssa Milano nude scenes that she has done. None of them are very recent but it doesn’t matter. Anyone who truly is a fan of hers will enjoy going as far back as they have to in order to enjoy watching her get naked again. Some of the fan favorites are Embrace of the Vampire. Who doesn’t love watching that young innocent discover her sexuality? And then there is Poison Ivy 2, where her character was not quite so innocent. That was a great time for Alyssa Milano fans. She was trying to break away from her stereotyped role of cute child actress and she was very successful when they guys started craving Alyssa Milano nude.

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Known for her childhood acting and other popular television sitcoms, Alyssa Milano is your all American actress. Very well rounded, Alyssa also shelled out hit singles in her earlier years. No matter the role she is taking on, she always looks more than fuck-able. She is smoking hot. As Alyssa got older, she tried harder and harder to shed “Sam” (her character from Who’s the Boss?) from her. She wanted to show the world what she could really do and boy did she? Once this pretty little girl next door type was legal, we all started to see a new Alyssa and plenty of it. We all want to fuck her now!

Alyssa drives us wild with her innocent and girl next door look. It makes us want to rip off her clothes and show her what it’s really like to take a hard cock. She is the ultimate fantasy. This lucky guy is going where we have only dreamed about. Wouldn’t I love to be the one rubbing and playing with her beautiful tear drop titties and luscious large nipples. I could like and suck on them for hours before moving down to her pretty little pussy. The best thing about being an Alyssa Milano fan, is she keeps us coming back for more. Each time a bit more daring, she proves to be very “flexible” when it comes to her on-screen and off-screen performances.

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Alyssa Milano is not the kind of girl who cares what the media thinks. In fact, when she finally outgrew her role of Sam on Who’s the Boss, the first thing she did was look for a movie to star in that would show everyone that she was a big girl and she found it – Embrace of the Vampire. In that movie she got to play a very adult role where she gets naked quite often. And what fans of Alyssa Milano have not played that scene where she poses naked over and over again in their minds. It’s enticing, alluring, and oh so hot!

But recently she’s been trying to behave herself. After all, she’s going to be a mom soon so she’s got to get her act together. I know you are likely craving more nude Alyssa Milano pictures and getting bored of the same ones that have been floating around the Internet for years and that’s why I’m going to let you in on an insider secret. The pictures you’ve seen are the polite pictures. The naked pics of Alyssa Milano that I’m going to share with you are so much hotter, so much naughtier, and so worth the wait!

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alyssa milano

Anyone that is a fan of Alyssa Milano is always on the lookout for new television shows or movies that she appears in. Alyssa is one of those actresses that doesn’t go for the big production numbers – she prefers to do stuff that she can just have fun with and appeals to her. Most recently she was in the movie Hall Pass and you know when you combine her with that great cast it is fun stuff! Later this year or early next year you’ll be able to see her in a romantic comedy called New Year’s Eve so watch for that. I know that you always want more of her – especially if more means seeing Alyssa Milan nude – so I did a little searching for you and came up with some hot stuff that you may not have seen before. There’s nothing like finding a treat of Alyssa Milano nude pics to brighten up your day!

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alyssamilanonude4Well I’m ready to dive into some pussy after this shot of her waiting in the car. My cock is hard and ready to go! Alyssa is very proud of her body and has been showing it off since a few days after it became legal to do so but I never seem to get enough!

Milano pussy is where it’s at… I’m sure of it.

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Alyssa Milano naked lesbians

Alyssa Milano naked lesbians

The best thing about Samantha Micelli, and Alyssa Milano in real life, is that she could be the girl next door. She doesn’t look plastic or fake and surgically enhanced. She was just a young, natural beauty with an incredible body. We’ve all known the type. We’ve all fantasized about what we’d do to them. We’ve all fantasized about them with other women…

Well, Alyssa Milano delivered the ultimate gift to her fans. Her nude debut and lesbian scenes! She’s just a young girl here, but the older woman sees what we all see-a girl that just can’t be resisted. As we think, she thinks, “Will Alyssa pull back, will she kiss me, what if I put my fingers down there, what if I put my mouth down there?” The culmination of all our fantasies was Alyssa getting it on with another woman. I remember the first time I saw this scene…my pants quickly needed changing. And the pictures and video are even hotter; you can look at them as long as you want!

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If you are at all a fan of Alyssa Milano you are likely familiar with the Alyssa Milan nude pics that are already on the net. Who doesn’t love the screen caps from her movie Embrace of the Vampire? In that movie, she plays the innocent and totally works over the role of the young woman discovering her sexuality and the views we get of her pretty pink nipples are just amazing.

And she is one of those celebrities that has just gotten better looking as she gets older and without surgeries either! Now, as a woman, she has full breasts but her nipples are still somewhat puffy and pink. The Alyssa Milan nude photos that I’ve been seeing lately though are something you don’t want to miss. Not the run of the mill pics that every surfer is wacking off too –

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Alyssa Milano naked threesome

Alyssa Milano naked threesome

Ahh, the movie that fans of Who’s the Boss had been waiting for; the one that got Alyssa Milano in honest to goodness sex scenes! They are scorching! Just imagine growing up with Sam Micelli as your boyhood crush; you hope she’d one day do porn or Playboy or something where you could fulfill your fantasy. But really, what’s the percentage of childhood stars that have grown up to be hotties and have given their fans what they really wanted? My list has one name on it-Alyssa Milano.

Seeing her in a sex scene was somewhat bittersweet; the bitterness was rooted in childhood naivete that we would all meet our celebrity fantasy and fall in love. The sweet was, “Holy shit, Alyssa Milano getting fucked on film!” My dick didn’t go to sleep the whole two hours of this movie, and to this day, even looking at the pictures, it still stands at attention, saluting a lifetime of investment paid off with full on Alyssa Milano nude!

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Alyssa Milano Nude

Alyssa Milano Nude

I remember watching Who’s the Boss when I was younger and seeing Samantha Micelli, who was about my age, grow into a fine, hot young woman. She was always my celeb crush. Long flowing curly hair, perfect cheekbones and playfully naughty eyes. She had the perfect mixture of demur and abrasiveness. Coming from a poor family on the show, she played tough and sweet and melted our hearts.

But when she grew up, she filled out, and she started touching more than my heart. As the show ended and she became a woman, she became straight up fuckable. That body seemed to come from nowhere. As did this picture. When I first saw it I stopped and thought to myself, “No, Alyssa Milano naked!?!?!?” I did all the research I could find and found it was real, wasn’t some cheap celeb fake. Well, naked Samantha Micelli went into my spankbank…you can guess what came out. And this is the picture that started it all for me-naked Alyssa Milano!

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Alyssa Milano Naked

Alyssa Milano Naked

Now this is more like it! She is away from the public, and like I said before, the relative privacy of a movie set has released her of inhibitions. Look at how she confidently sticks out her chest, letting us all see her perfect, pert tits in all their wonder! Her ass is so round and firm that I just want to pry it apart and…well you get the idea. And notice her oblique muscles, toned right from her pelvis all the way around her back in a nice line. All roads lead to the pot of gold!!

Walking towards the shower tells me that she just got done with a good fucking. She looks so casual about it, almost like she meets normal dudes all the time and just wants dick. She makes us believe that it’s not just the movie script making her naughty. After all, she had to seek out a script allowing her to play the slut. And God bless Hollywood for giving us slutty Alyssa!

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Alyssa Milano Shows Cleavage in Mini-Skirt

Alyssa Milano Shows Cleavage in Mini-Skirt

When Alyssa Milano is dressed in a micro-mini skirt and pushing her boobs to me, all I can think of is to take the offering and ravage the main course down below. She has such perfect tits that it makes grown men, myself included, get hard seeing even the covered up version. But my attention is diverted to down south. The way her left leg is positioned looks like an arrow or a guide towards her pussy. She almost seems to be inviting the viewer in. And her eyes tell me she wants you all the way in.

If I stopped to think about an encounter with Alyssa, I wonder whether I could actually follow through. Would I be star struck, or would I take her offering and give her the fucking of a lifetime? Would I go for the honey pot right away, or slowly undress her, to take in all her glory? Me, I want to see Alyssa Milano nude before I invade her. So, I’m going to take my time…

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alyssa-milano-nip slip

alyssa-milano-nip slip

With most celebrities, I have a hard time picturing them interacting with the public on a level like Alyssa in this picture. Other than slapping hands at a premiere or waving to the crowd through tinted limousine windows, when would we ever get to talk to them? But Alyssa has always seemed more willing to expose herself to her fans, more willing to put herself out there and show us what she’s got. And in this picture, I’m really digging what she’s got.

It’s almost more naughty to see a tit when we weren’t supposed to, and I’m certain she wasn’t planning on flashing some nipple at a military autograph session. But the woman with the camera seems to be loving it-mmm, I just had a fantasy cum to mind; Alyssa being manhandled by a female drill sergeant. I’m going to let that one marinate for a while…

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Alyssa Milano See Through Blouse

Every time I see an actress at a movie premiere or some event wearing a shirt that you can see her nipples through, I wonder why no publicist stops them. I mean, how hard can it be to remember to throw on a bra? Not that I’m complaining mind you, but when my celeb crush Alyssa Milano does it, I worry that she’ll face too much backlash. Then I remember how well I think I know her.

She’s a naughty nymph wanting to bust out of her good girl image. She wants you to forget about sweet little Samantha Micelli and look at her as a sexual object of desire. And what better way than to use the paparazzi to remind us all that she has perfect tits and sweet little pencil tip nipples? It’s really an ingenuous way to get us thinking naughty things about her. Give us a flash and make us crave more. And boy, every time I see this shot, I just want me some more Alyssa Milano nude!

You want to see her naked. You know you do, or you wouldn’t be here.

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Sexy Alyssa Milano See Through Dress

Sexy Alyssa Milano See Through Dress

And here we are back at Alyssa showing how a bad girl tries to get everyone thinking she’s nice, but still sending a signal to us fans. The trusty awards show see-through shirt! Just when she thought we had forgotten what she’s capable of (we will never!) she shows us a naughty new side to her. This picture is obviously recently, as she’s grown from a hot-ass young chick to a beautiful woman. But the smirk of the nympho is still on her face. She wants to show us she’s still got it, her pose seems all about saying “See, everything is still amazing!”

My take is she loved her youthful forays into the world of sex and adult-themed movies and wants back in. Beautiful women age gracefully and I think Alyssa wants to show that she has gotten more beautiful and kept all her scorching sexuality. Who knows what else there is for her to show? I know my spankbank is in overdrive imagining the scenarios. Have you opened your Bank of Alyssa lately?

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Sexy Alyssa Milano Topless

Sexy Alyssa Milano Topless

Oh, to be offered the prize we all most want! Alyssa, just once, can you and I end up in a room where we both are dressed rather sparingly, but even that is too much for you? You look at me all innocent and take your top off to show me your amaaazing tits, as if I’m going to turn it down. How many seconds do you think it would take me be all over you, Alyssa? I guess about 3, maybe less. After all, I want to come across as suave. Yeah, 3 seconds should accomplish that, right?

Well, now you’ve done it again, Alyssa. Get me all hot and bothered just looking at your tits and wondering what I’d do to them (guesses? Hehe) and how savagely I’d work you over. You wouldn’t be able to walk the next day, as I’d leave no stone unturned to break you in. And yeah, you’d ume back again, you’d be involuntarily compelled to.

Alyssa, would you just look at the mindfuck you started in me?

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alyssa milano

She started off as the sweet young daughter on Who’s the Boss but she had to grow up some time and when that time came she held nothing back. After starring in movies where she got naked it got pretty easy to find pics of Alyssa Milan nude but that doesn’t mean we don’t want more. In fact, for some of us, it just whets our appetite. I mean, who would not want to see this completely gorgeous babe in the buff? She’s got the prettiest face and her body is amazing. And even though she’s getting older, she is still amazing. She just doesn’t get naked like she used to. Or does she?

Remember that every female celeb tries to act like they don’t get naked but the paparazzi know what people want and they know that guys want to see more of the mature Alyssa Milano nude. These pictures are out there – I promise you that – but they aren’t easy to find. But I’ll let you in on a secret. There’s a site where you can see pretty much any star you want – including Alyssa Milano – when they let their guard down and get naked.

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alyssa milano nude
Some of you might know Alyssa Milano as a former child star Samantha Milano from the TV show “Who’s The Boss”. Lately though she’s appeared in such videos as Hall Pass (with costars Owen Wilson, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate), which turned out to have decent ratings. She also appeared in a failed TV series called Romantically Challenged which was canceled on May 16, 2010, unfortunately.

Alyssa Milano was very upset at the show being canceled because she enjoyed her time there and he will she was working with. In the next upcoming few months you will see her debut a new film called New Year’s Eve where she plays the role of a nurse. Hot film stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Robert Di Niro and Jessica Biel are to appear in the film as well. This film is set to be released December 9, 2011 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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alyssamilanonude6Very few ‘artistic nudes’ with an autograph exist. In fact, this set has only a few images and each was only signed once.

News: Actress Alyssa Milano is returning to television acting in a new ABC series titled “Romantically Challenged”. She recently joined twitter and had this to say  “Well the interesting thing about Twitter is, if your heart is in it, it becomes a community, and I don’t think there’s a lot of communities any more.”

You captured our hearts when you were a kid, and then grew up and captured the *cough* rest of us. Such a sexy beautiful woman you’ve turned out to be!

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alyssamilanonude5Her friends call her Conan, but Alyssa is her given name not just a stage name.

Have you seen her softcore porn flick? I have and it’s really something. She gets completely naked and participates in several sex scenes, a lesbian scene, and a full on orgy. She hadn’t been 18 for long and her tits weren’t as big as they ended up yet, but still nicely round and perky! In this scene her tits get mauled with lots of closeups so we can see it’s not faked and she ends up getting nailed on camera. The acting is nothing special, the script is pretty ordinary, but the sex scenes… YUM!

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Alyssa Milano naked at the beach

Alyssa Milano naked at the beach

Remember the picture of Alyssa with her tit showing through her dress? And how it was pretty obviously a show of her naughtiness? Well, wowza! I’ve heard of sunbathing topless, but bottomless too? She really reveals a new side of herself here; full frontal Alyssa! The bad girl we all hoped she was is written right above her kitten in a perfect target practice tattoo. Would you aim for the target, or just shoot in her as far as you could? Me, I’m a creampie guy myself. But I like options…

But the best part of the picture is how Alyssa looks at her young, equally hot friend. She too has perfect tits and a perfect body, and Alyssa is drinking it ALL in. What’s going through her mind? “Well, we’re already naked in the water, what if we just fooled around out here?” or how about, “I want to eat that pussy raw!” Either way, I want to see what happened when they got back to their towels and their beach house…

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