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Sandra Bullock Nude

Sandra Bullock Nude

Ever since I first saw her in the early '90s in Demolition Man with Sly Stallone (another celeb not afraid to get nude) I've been in lust. I've followed her career waiting for a sextape or nude shot and finally it's arrived. Sandra Bullock nude.... just WOW!


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Alyssa Milano

Seems our sexy honey is back and going topless on the new maxim spread. Meanwhile she is definitely turning up the heat in her new tv show Mistresses.

Too bad she doesn’t get naked fully in the show although we do get some great nearly naked and lingerie shots.

If you want to see her actually naked, you’ll have to go back a few years

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In recent years, Alyssa Milano has toned down her sexy image and been in the media less. She hasn’t been working much because she has taken time off to care for her son, Milo. That’s obviously enough to keep her busy. But true fans of Alyssa Milano will be patient and wait until her next big project. There is lots to keep them busy with though. She’s done loads of work in the past years and re-watching televisions shows like Charmed or Romantically Challenged is fun – because they are filled with Alyssa Milano of course.

But the real fun is in re-watching all those hot Alyssa Milano nude scenes that she has done. None of them are very recent but it doesn’t matter. Anyone who truly is a fan of hers will enjoy going as far back as they have to in order to enjoy watching her get naked again. Some of the fan favorites are Embrace of the Vampire. Who doesn’t love watching that young innocent discover her sexuality? And then there is Poison Ivy 2, where her character was not quite so innocent. That was a great time for Alyssa Milano fans. She was trying to break away from her stereotyped role of cute child actress and she was very successful when they guys started craving Alyssa Milano nude.

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Known for her childhood acting and other popular television sitcoms, Alyssa Milano is your all American actress. Very well rounded, Alyssa also shelled out hit singles in her earlier years. No matter the role she is taking on, she always looks more than fuck-able. She is smoking hot. As Alyssa got older, she tried harder and harder to shed “Sam” (her character from Who’s the Boss?) from her. She wanted to show the world what she could really do and boy did she? Once this pretty little girl next door type was legal, we all started to see a new Alyssa and plenty of it. We all want to fuck her now!

Alyssa drives us wild with her innocent and girl next door look. It makes us want to rip off her clothes and show her what it’s really like to take a hard cock. She is the ultimate fantasy. This lucky guy is going where we have only dreamed about. Wouldn’t I love to be the one rubbing and playing with her beautiful tear drop titties and luscious large nipples. I could like and suck on them for hours before moving down to her pretty little pussy. The best thing about being an Alyssa Milano fan, is she keeps us coming back for more. Each time a bit more daring, she proves to be very “flexible” when it comes to her on-screen and off-screen performances.

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Alyssa Milano is not the kind of girl who cares what the media thinks. In fact, when she finally outgrew her role of Sam on Who’s the Boss, the first thing she did was look for a movie to star in that would show everyone that she was a big girl and she found it – Embrace of the Vampire. In that movie she got to play a very adult role where she gets naked quite often. And what fans of Alyssa Milano have not played that scene where she poses naked over and over again in their minds. It’s enticing, alluring, and oh so hot!

But recently she’s been trying to behave herself. After all, she’s going to be a mom soon so she’s got to get her act together. I know you are likely craving more nude Alyssa Milano pictures and getting bored of the same ones that have been floating around the Internet for years and that’s why I’m going to let you in on an insider secret. The pictures you’ve seen are the polite pictures. The naked pics of Alyssa Milano that I’m going to share with you are so much hotter, so much naughtier, and so worth the wait!

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alyssa milano

Anyone that is a fan of Alyssa Milano is always on the lookout for new television shows or movies that she appears in. Alyssa is one of those actresses that doesn’t go for the big production numbers – she prefers to do stuff that she can just have fun with and appeals to her. Most recently she was in the movie Hall Pass and you know when you combine her with that great cast it is fun stuff! Later this year or early next year you’ll be able to see her in a romantic comedy called New Year’s Eve so watch for that. I know that you always want more of her – especially if more means seeing Alyssa Milan nude – so I did a little searching for you and came up with some hot stuff that you may not have seen before. There’s nothing like finding a treat of Alyssa Milano nude pics to brighten up your day!

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