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Sandra Bullock Nude

Sandra Bullock Nude

Ever since I first saw her in the early '90s in Demolition Man with Sly Stallone (another celeb not afraid to get nude) I've been in lust. I've followed her career waiting for a sextape or nude shot and finally it's arrived. Sandra Bullock nude.... just WOW!


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Alyssa Milano Nude

Alyssa Milano Nude

I remember watching Who’s the Boss when I was younger and seeing Samantha Micelli, who was about my age, grow into a fine, hot young woman. She was always my celeb crush. Long flowing curly hair, perfect cheekbones and playfully naughty eyes. She had the perfect mixture of demur and abrasiveness. Coming from a poor family on the show, she played tough and sweet and melted our hearts.

But when she grew up, she filled out, and she started touching more than my heart. As the show ended and she became a woman, she became straight up fuckable. That body seemed to come from nowhere. As did this picture. When I first saw it I stopped and thought to myself, “No, Alyssa Milano naked!?!?!?” I did all the research I could find and found it was real, wasn’t some cheap celeb fake. Well, naked Samantha Micelli went into my spankbank…you can guess what came out. And this is the picture that started it all for me-naked Alyssa Milano!

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