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Sandra Bullock Nude

Sandra Bullock Nude

Ever since I first saw her in the early '90s in Demolition Man with Sly Stallone (another celeb not afraid to get nude) I've been in lust. I've followed her career waiting for a sextape or nude shot and finally it's arrived. Sandra Bullock nude.... just WOW!


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Alyssa Milano naked at the beach

Alyssa Milano naked at the beach

Remember the picture of Alyssa with her tit showing through her dress? And how it was pretty obviously a show of her naughtiness? Well, wowza! I’ve heard of sunbathing topless, but bottomless too? She really reveals a new side of herself here; full frontal Alyssa! The bad girl we all hoped she was is written right above her kitten in a perfect target practice tattoo. Would you aim for the target, or just shoot in her as far as you could? Me, I’m a creampie guy myself. But I like options…

But the best part of the picture is how Alyssa looks at her young, equally hot friend. She too has perfect tits and a perfect body, and Alyssa is drinking it ALL in. What’s going through her mind? “Well, we’re already naked in the water, what if we just fooled around out here?” or how about, “I want to eat that pussy raw!” Either way, I want to see what happened when they got back to their towels and their beach house…

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