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Sandra Bullock Nude

Sandra Bullock Nude

Ever since I first saw her in the early '90s in Demolition Man with Sly Stallone (another celeb not afraid to get nude) I've been in lust. I've followed her career waiting for a sextape or nude shot and finally it's arrived. Sandra Bullock nude.... just WOW!


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Alyssa Milano naked lesbians

Alyssa Milano naked lesbians

The best thing about Samantha Micelli, and Alyssa Milano in real life, is that she could be the girl next door. She doesn’t look plastic or fake and surgically enhanced. She was just a young, natural beauty with an incredible body. We’ve all known the type. We’ve all fantasized about what we’d do to them. We’ve all fantasized about them with other women…

Well, Alyssa Milano delivered the ultimate gift to her fans. Her nude debut and lesbian scenes! She’s just a young girl here, but the older woman sees what we all see-a girl that just can’t be resisted. As we think, she thinks, “Will Alyssa pull back, will she kiss me, what if I put my fingers down there, what if I put my mouth down there?” The culmination of all our fantasies was Alyssa getting it on with another woman. I remember the first time I saw this scene…my pants quickly needed changing. And the pictures and video are even hotter; you can look at them as long as you want!

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Alyssa Milano naked threesome

Alyssa Milano naked threesome

Ahh, the movie that fans of Who’s the Boss had been waiting for; the one that got Alyssa Milano in honest to goodness sex scenes! They are scorching! Just imagine growing up with Sam Micelli as your boyhood crush; you hope she’d one day do porn or Playboy or something where you could fulfill your fantasy. But really, what’s the percentage of childhood stars that have grown up to be hotties and have given their fans what they really wanted? My list has one name on it-Alyssa Milano.

Seeing her in a sex scene was somewhat bittersweet; the bitterness was rooted in childhood naivete that we would all meet our celebrity fantasy and fall in love. The sweet was, “Holy shit, Alyssa Milano getting fucked on film!” My dick didn’t go to sleep the whole two hours of this movie, and to this day, even looking at the pictures, it still stands at attention, saluting a lifetime of investment paid off with full on Alyssa Milano nude!

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Alyssa Milano Nude

Alyssa Milano Nude

I remember watching Who’s the Boss when I was younger and seeing Samantha Micelli, who was about my age, grow into a fine, hot young woman. She was always my celeb crush. Long flowing curly hair, perfect cheekbones and playfully naughty eyes. She had the perfect mixture of demur and abrasiveness. Coming from a poor family on the show, she played tough and sweet and melted our hearts.

But when she grew up, she filled out, and she started touching more than my heart. As the show ended and she became a woman, she became straight up fuckable. That body seemed to come from nowhere. As did this picture. When I first saw it I stopped and thought to myself, “No, Alyssa Milano naked!?!?!?” I did all the research I could find and found it was real, wasn’t some cheap celeb fake. Well, naked Samantha Micelli went into my spankbank…you can guess what came out. And this is the picture that started it all for me-naked Alyssa Milano!

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Alyssa Milano Naked

Alyssa Milano Naked

Now this is more like it! She is away from the public, and like I said before, the relative privacy of a movie set has released her of inhibitions. Look at how she confidently sticks out her chest, letting us all see her perfect, pert tits in all their wonder! Her ass is so round and firm that I just want to pry it apart and…well you get the idea. And notice her oblique muscles, toned right from her pelvis all the way around her back in a nice line. All roads lead to the pot of gold!!

Walking towards the shower tells me that she just got done with a good fucking. She looks so casual about it, almost like she meets normal dudes all the time and just wants dick. She makes us believe that it’s not just the movie script making her naughty. After all, she had to seek out a script allowing her to play the slut. And God bless Hollywood for giving us slutty Alyssa!

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alyssamilanonude6Very few ‘artistic nudes’ with an autograph exist. In fact, this set has only a few images and each was only signed once.

News: Actress Alyssa Milano is returning to television acting in a new ABC series titled “Romantically Challenged”. She recently joined twitter and had this to say  “Well the interesting thing about Twitter is, if your heart is in it, it becomes a community, and I don’t think there’s a lot of communities any more.”

You captured our hearts when you were a kid, and then grew up and captured the *cough* rest of us. Such a sexy beautiful woman you’ve turned out to be!

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alyssamilanonude5Her friends call her Conan, but Alyssa is her given name not just a stage name.

Have you seen her softcore porn flick? I have and it’s really something. She gets completely naked and participates in several sex scenes, a lesbian scene, and a full on orgy. She hadn’t been 18 for long and her tits weren’t as big as they ended up yet, but still nicely round and perky! In this scene her tits get mauled with lots of closeups so we can see it’s not faked and she ends up getting nailed on camera. The acting is nothing special, the script is pretty ordinary, but the sex scenes… YUM!

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Alyssa Milano naked at the beach

Alyssa Milano naked at the beach

Remember the picture of Alyssa with her tit showing through her dress? And how it was pretty obviously a show of her naughtiness? Well, wowza! I’ve heard of sunbathing topless, but bottomless too? She really reveals a new side of herself here; full frontal Alyssa! The bad girl we all hoped she was is written right above her kitten in a perfect target practice tattoo. Would you aim for the target, or just shoot in her as far as you could? Me, I’m a creampie guy myself. But I like options…

But the best part of the picture is how Alyssa looks at her young, equally hot friend. She too has perfect tits and a perfect body, and Alyssa is drinking it ALL in. What’s going through her mind? “Well, we’re already naked in the water, what if we just fooled around out here?” or how about, “I want to eat that pussy raw!” Either way, I want to see what happened when they got back to their towels and their beach house…

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